What is the Belgrade Extraterritorial Planning Area?

    The Belgrade Extraterritorial Planning Area is the 4.5 mile area surrounding the City of Belgrade. While this area is not located within city limits, its important that development occurring in this area align with the needs and vision of Belgrade.

    When was the Belgrade Extraterritorial Planning Area created?

    The Extraterritorial Planning Area was created in 1975 when Belgrade established their City-County Planning Board.

    Isn't this area outside city limits?

    Yes, the Extraterritorial Planning Area is outside the boundary of the City of Belgrade. 

    Why should the Extraterritoral Planning Area be zoned?

    The purpose of zoning in the Belgrade Extraterritorial Planning Area is to ensure that the area is developed in a manner that provides for both current and future populations that live, work, and recreate in the area.

    Haven't zoning districts already been created in this area?

    Yes, over the years a few zoning districts have been established within the Extraterritorial District. 

    They are:

    River Rock

    East Gallatin